lit pot, illuminated pots, lit planter

Tall tapered square lit planters

Supplied with external cables and drainage holes. Available in the following sizes.

33cm x 33cm x 70cm tall £85.00 + Vat
39cm x 39cm x 90cm tall £100.00 +Vat

Tall Tapered Round Lit Planter, Lit Pot, Lit Planter

Tall round tapered planter

Elegant design that emits plenty of light and has drainage for excess water to escape. Available with Mains cables or rechargeable RBG LED light system. Suitable for all year outdoor use.

Sizes are 70cm high and 90cm high
Prices :- £85.00 + Vat & £100.00 + Vat

Round Curved Lit Planter

Round Curved Lit Planter

This modern planter has a gentle curved side and generous planting depth with drainage.They are available with mains cable or rechargeable RGB LED’s.

Available in 43cm and 60cm heights.
Priced at £135.00 + Vat and £165.00 + Vat

Lit wall planter illuminated wall planter plant pot

Illuminated Wall Planter

A superb option for creating partitions or where space may be tight. all the light and beauty without a large footprint. Available with mains cable or rechargeable RGB LED bulbs

Dimensions are 80cm high and 82cm wide and 32cm deep
Price £275.00 + Vat

giant lit pots, large illuminated pot

Giant lit pots for a real statement!

Available in the following sizes

110cm wide x 90 cm high £495.00 +Vat
145cm wide x 143cm high £895.00 +Vat
210cm wide x 184cm high £2300.00 +Vat

lit pot, lit planter, illuminated pot

Round Tapered lit planters

Beautiful design with smooth curved sides.
56cm wide x 33cm high £125.00 +Vat
80cm wide x 50cm high £145.00 +Vat
49cm wide x 83cm high £195.00 +Vat
62cm wide x 98cm high £275.00 +Vat
72cm wide x 107cm high £375.00 +Vat
85cm wide x 120cm high £545.00 +Vat
98cm wide x 135cm high £695.00 +Vat

lit pot, illuminated planter, lit flower pot

Beautiful folding lines lit pot

Made in a translucent material. also available non-lit.

Medium 42cm x 40cm x 70cm high £350.00
Large 60cm x 56cm x 100cm high £600.00

lit pot, lit plant pot, planters with lights

Rounded wide base lit pots

Smooth curved pot with simple and elegant lines

Medium 45cm wide x 70cm high £320
Large 55cm wide x 100cm high £550

angular pots, vondom pots

Amazing angular pots, look great on their own or as a set of three.

Available in white with lights or in non-lit colours

Small 58cm x 45cm 42cm high £295
Medium 66cm x 55cm x 70cm high £365
Large 44cm x 49cm x 110cm high £385